Print Books Are Better for Learning than E-books

Shishir Acharya, Grade: XI, Science (P 3 )
“BOOKS!” Are you just viewing this word what comes in your mind? Sure, it is not
other, than the image of bundle of paper gathered together in a cover having numerous words,
numbers and other information. This is all due to learning from child-age. But in fact, that are
print books. Then what about e-books? This is the new generation electronic book in the format
of documents which can be read using modern technological devices such as mobile phone,
computer etc.
Print books or e-books whatever their names, they both are platforms of information,
knowledge and sources of learning. Henry Ford shows importance of learning when he says
anyone who stops learning is old whether one is in twenty or eighty. We must try to learn in
every second of our life. Print books are better for learning than e-books. People may think that
print books are of heavy loads that our arms get tired of carrying them. They are economic
burden for the students. But in e-books, there is no such worry. But I strongly disagree with this
opinion. In reality, people may not see the dark sides of e-books. You have to continuously look
on the screen. This leads to eye problems. Similarly, for those learners who even forget to blink
their eyes getting themselves deep into the subject matter, e-book is a poison.
Our mind is devil’s mind as it distracts us from learning. E-books provide countless way
for distraction. You will start to play games, watch videos etc. after reading few pages. You no
longer become creative as you get the solutions of the problems or queries of your mind in the
internet. You quit thinking, slowly become lazy, and will be habituated to devices. This is just
like hitting your own leg by yourself with an axe.

You do not get much distracted while learning through printed books. Even you can
enjoy yourself creating your own words, numbers and playing games. Similarly, your queries
increase, and searching answers of those queries in printed books raises more queries. As a
result, you become hungry of knowledge. While fulfilling this hunger, you enlighten yourself.
While talking about memorizing, just ask yourself. You will notice that print books can be
quickly memorized. You can go coherently by turning pages in printed books to read from where
you left. So, there is no dilemma, printed books are healthier and beneficial means of learning.

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