SWSC is the right place to lay out the foundation for a better career in Humanities. It enhances the capacity of students in the field of leadership, Media Studies, Social Sectors, Language Proficiency, Communication and so on. We help students develop their critical and analytical skills for a better insight into the world and foster a sense of empathy.

Major Features

  • Field visit to GOs/NGOs/INGOs and other sites as per the demand of major subjects;
  • Regular paper presentation and case study;
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in relevant subjects;
  • A collaborative and conducive research environment;
  • Seminars and workshops by national/international leading experts, academicians, and other professionals.

Course Combination of Humanities Stream

Compulsory English Compulsory English
Compulsory Nepali Major English
Major English Sociology
Sociology Mass Communication
Mass Communication Gender Studies