Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work is a three-year course designed and offered by Tribhuvan University. This degree provides students with the knowledge and skills required for a professional career as a social worker. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work program learn about human behaviours, social welfare policies, and research methods for working with individuals and families in micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Students study theoretical concepts as well as gain practical training to address critical situations while serving the poor children, the mentally ill, or the elderly people. The course enables students to acquire core social work practices. BSW is appropriate for those students who are interested in working in different settings, each with their own goals and challenges, but with the shared purpose of serving the common good.

Social Worker’s Major Focus

  • Elderly people
  • People with disabilities
  • Patients with chronic, acute or terminal diagnoses
  • People in grief or loss
  • People with mental illnesses

Site for Social Workers

  • Hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes

Community health service centers

  • State and local governments including child welfare agencies, and departments of health and human services
  • Schools and other youth-serving organizations
  • Old age homes/orphanages

Professional Placement

This course includes 12- week internship in a range of social organizations providing you with a block of relevant and practical work experience in social services related field.

Scope and Career Outcomes

BSW is one of the reliable fields of study regarding career advancements and job opportunities in Nepal. It is evident from the fact that several organizations actively involved in the overall well being of underprivileged groups or communities welcome BSW graduates and assign them work in different human service related fields. After completing the BSW degree, the graduates can undertake responsibilities of different positions in:-

  • Government Jobs
  • Research and Field Work
  • Human Service Providing Agencies, Child Welfare Organizations, and other Social Welfare related fields
  • Academic Sector