Southwestern State College

Southwestern State College (SWSC) is an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified pioneering and leading academic institution in Nepal promoted by a team of visionary educationists, academicians, researchers, planners, and professionals with years of national and international experiences. The founding members of the college, realizing the loophole in the education sector of the country, got a strong commitment to contribute a better educational environment in Kathmandu where students from all over the nation come to achieve higher education. The college is managed by a highly experienced management team, and has been providing value-based quality education in Science, Management, Law and Humanities at undergraduate level and in Management and Humanities in graduate and postgraduate levels. Since its inception, it has been conceived to emphasize on student’s valuable learning experiences and provides opportunities to enjoy excellence and success in their academic pursuit. The college integrates various activities such as the Writing Resource Centre, the Information Commons, and Educational Technology Services into curricular and co-curricular learning. SWSC is committed to developing creative, socially responsive, and result oriented professionals who can deal with global challenges. The college is collaborating with national and international partners and enhancing better learning environment to enhance quality education.

SWSC is located at the prime location in close proximity to Ring Road, at Basundhara, Kathmandu (Opposite to Basundhara Police Office). It has its own land and physical infrastructure which has covered up 1,063.42 square meter area.

SWSC has been the best choice for those students who aspire practical, value-based, quality education for the best result in their academic career. Along with the changing pace and demand of time, the College has been modifying and modernizing the teaching pedagogy and organizing various types of demand-driven training for the teachers. SWSC has a very friendly, supportive and stimulating college ambiance. In order to strengthen the learner autonomy in the classroom and motivate learners intrinsically, the college organizes activities viz. workshops, presentations, seminars and well-modified regular and guest lectures. The college emphasizes on giving students’ valuable learning experiences and providing great opportunities to ensure excellence and success in their academic pursuit.

SWSC has a well-equipped and spacious library where students can pursue their insatiable thirst for learning. Seasoned teaching faculties, regular workshops and seminars, labs for practical experiments, transportation facility and security all make SWSC the most suitable place to build a strong foundation for the future of the students. Thus, Southwestern State College combines academic excellence with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to support a culture that engages and challenges students and staff in their pursuit of learning.  

At present, the college runs Master of Business Studies (MBS), Master of Arts (M.A) in English, Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), and Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) courses affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), and +2 program under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education. In +2 level, students can choose Science, Management, Law or Humanities at SWSC. The promoters from various professions of life and with years of excellent experiences in the academic field have been managing the college very successfully. Since SWSC has the ultimate goal to be the center of excellence in international academic arena, it is sure that it will be successful in bridging the gap between the national and international education system.

Development History

Southwestern State College has a glorious history with remarkable academic excellence and achievement in national and international level. The college was established as Southwestern State Higher Secondary School/ College at Basundhara, Kathmandu on 13th July, 2010 by a team of academicians and professionals having expertise and experience in various fields with the broad objective of delivering quality education in Nepal. In the beginning days, the college used to run Science, Management and Humanities in +2 level and BBS and BA in Bachelors level. With a decade long successful history, the college kept on expanding itself in terms of programs offered, physical infrastructures, departments, national and international institutional networks and so on. Currently, SWSC has been running six programs affiliated to Tribhuvan University, four programs in Bachelor level and two in Master level, and has been the best choice for those students in Nepal. In Bachelor’s level, SWSC has Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW), and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) programs. The college offers Master of Business Studies (MBS) and Masters of Arts in English (MA) in postgraduate level. In +2 level, the college has been running programs in Science, Management, Law and Humanities in affiliation with Nepal Education Board (NEB). The college is collaborating with various other national and international universities and academic institutions to boost up the quality of education and learning.

Although the college has very short period of academic journey from the day of its establishment, it has been successful to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 QMS certificate in its young age within a decade. Within this short period, the college has been able to buy its own land and construct a sophisticated well-facilitated modern building at the ideal location at Ring Road, Basundhara, Kathmandu having spacious area of 1,063.42 square meter.

As the motto of SWSC is “the spirit makes the master…”, the college has been working on with the spirit to achieve its goals and objectives with its ideal vision and mission to be the best academic institution in national and international arena. For the mission of producing creative, socially responsive, and goal-oriented professionals to deal with global issues, Writing Resource Centre, the Information Commons, and Educational Technology Services at SWSC have been supporting the students to boost up their creative curricular and co-curricular learning.

As this is the age of technology, SWSC has adapted technologies applicable in academic sectors to achieve the betterment in the organization. In this context, the college has been using Management Information System (MIS) for better managing, planning, and strategizing to implement work procedures to accomplish the academic cum administrative systems smoothly and grow further. The MIS has provided administrative staff and teachers necessary information for effective planning, strategy development, and evaluation.

As success has been appendage to SWSC, a number of students from the college have been achieving success in the entrance examinations conducted by IoM and IoE every year, and they have been working in medical and engineering sectors today. Similarly, the SWSC graduates have been appointed in various government jobs every year. Many of them have become successful entrepreneurs, and bankers. Some have been working in various reputed INGOs/NGOs and other organizations at home and abroad. SWSC has been proceeding ahead tirelessly in its journey of success adapting itself into the best modern pedagogical modality upgrading its physical infrastructure, human resources and technology. Because of all this, SWSC has been successful in establishing itself as a renowned academic institution not only in the country but also in the international community. The college has achieved this new height as academically excellent and socially responsible organization. Although the college is registered as a corporate business organization in the Company Registrar’s Office, it is more concerned to prove itself as a social institution through its various community oriented and humanitarian services. SWSC not only teaches the course materials and university curriculum for the students but also the life skills, civic education, career guidance, hospitality through workshops, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, etc.

Our Mission

To produce positive, visionary, practical, analytical, goal oriented, service oriented, capable, responsible and social professionals who will take the responsibilities of social, economic and environmental development of the nation and the world and encourage others to do so.

Our Vision

To become a center of excellence in global academic community.

Message from Chairperson

Southwestern State College (SWSC) is a vibrant learning community committed to creating the best possible academic environment for world-class education with a difference. Realizing the necessity to meet the needs of the challenging globalization, we have been continuously working to incorporate 21st-century learning standards and implement them for the better future of our students. We are, therefore, quite confident that our sincere efforts for providing quality education will surely help our students overcome any challenges both at national and international level.

Every parent aspires to provide quality education to their children, and this is the demand of modern students too. Keeping this in mind, we provide our students with a holistic learning experience for life. We aim at equipping them with skills and vision rather than being only engaged in the college curriculum. In other words, we help them learn to travel beyond the boundary of mere course books. We realize that the future is abstract and unknown but the youth in our hands are real and can be molded. Hence, our endeavors are aimed to craft and build our youth for the future. We believe that we don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great.

Let’s join hands together to materialize this vision.

Best Wishes
Er. Basu Dev Bista

Message from Campus Chief

Southwestern State College (SWSC), run by a team of national and international academic leaders in the field of education, is one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal. Our tradition of excellence to groom all the facets of students’ life and career has been substantiated by the accomplishment of our students in national and international academia and job markets. Our faculties are focused on helping every student achieve their goals in every single step; personally and academically. At SWSC, we, along with our faculty members, are passionate about grooming our students not only as professionals but also as good human beings with morals, values, and ethics. We prepare our students to be lifelong learners who pursue every hardship to achieve their dreams.

We have adopted student-centered learning approach with a sincere commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and social activities. Our teaching and learning modules prioritize group discussions, personality development, presentation skills, and life skills for career development.  We encourage our students to take challenging courses and equip them with enough skills to face a competitive global society. After the completion of the academic course from SWSC, the students become able to undertake important responsibilities in the national and international sphere and secure a good future.

We feel proud to say that the alumni of SWSC are leading Nepalese companies, corporate houses, and pursuing higher studies in renowned universities abroad.

I look forward to welcoming you at SWSC. Wish you all the best.

Dr. Rajendra KC
Campus Chief

Management Team

Campus Chief
Asst. Campus Chief
Program Director
Program Co-ordinator
International Relations Co-ordinator
Academic Head (University Programs)
Academic Head (+2 Science)
Academic Head (+2 Management/ Law/ Humanities)

Teaching Methodology

SWSC aims to create diversity in the learning process and make teaching interactive and non-monotonous for students in all streams comprising lectures, guest lecturers, workshops, case studies, group discussions, interactive sessions, subject-specific projects, class presentations, seminars, webinars, and field visits. Provision of audio-visual technology tools like multimedia and projectors are used extensively to provide technology-oriented learning. We also encourage our students to participate actively in their education through individually supervised discussions, debates, and presentations.

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