BBS – Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Course Overview

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) is a four-year business course affiliated with the Tribhuvan University. It is an annual exam based four years academic program that lays a strong foundation in the required areas of business such as economic analysis of the business world, business legal environment, quantitative methods and research methods. The graduates are anticipated to analyze and comprehend the management concepts, theories and practices. In order to provide graduates with a significant degree of functional expertise, this program also provides opportunity to concentrate on one area of specialization such as accounting, finance, management science, human resource management and marketing. After completion of this level the graduates will be able to develop the necessary foundation for higher studies in management and thereafter take up careers in teaching, research and consultancy.


Department Contact Info

01-4955457, 01-4955458


+2 or Equivalent

Reasons to Study BBS at SWSC

  • Seasoned teaching faculty
  • Focus on research-oriented learning
  • Subject-wise presentation and project work
  • Periodic workshops and training on entrepreneurship from different experts of the related field
  • Arrangement of field visits, internship, and job placement

Scope and Career Prospects

There are many doors of opportunities opened for students after the completion of BBS degree. Upon graduation, students can either pursue their careers in various industries, such as banking, manufacture, and travel or opt for higher studies abroad. The skills BBS students have developed during the program help them generate self-employment and even provide them the confidence to operate and manage the human resources creating job opportunities for others as well. The successful BBS graduates can take different responsibilities in the future like:

  • Directors/Managers in the areas of industry and organization
  • Directors in the commercial areas
  • Managers in the field of human resources
  • Auditors, consultants, state-recognized Auditors, state-recognized Accountants
  • Researchers in business and marketing fields

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