Phones Help Students in Learning

Sarsoti Tamang, Management (D6)
Cell phones used to be banned in schools in the past because they were considered as
obstacles for study. But many researches show that when students are provided cell phones, they
are also engaged in their learning with their phones. When given a choice, they are less likely to
distract students from their study and they are not only the means for easy cheating.
But thanks to an exponential increase in ubiquity and computing capacity. Today’s smart
phones offer endless possibilities for higher enhancement of student understanding and extension
of learning beyond the classroom particularly if a student does not have internet at home or
attends a school where 1:1 is not an option. Smart phones also provide an easy way for teachers.
Research shows that when students are engaged in their learning, they are almost engaged
with their phones. When given a choice, they are less likely to succumb to distractions, but to
learn, collaborate, share and create in meaningful ways. Videos of 5-20 seconds can give
students a way to exercise their creative impulses. Students can create their own videos using
their own mobile devices. For the insatiable students who wants to keep learning outside of class,
the struggling learner who needs more exposure and everyone in between, smartphones provide
instant access to Civics, Social Studies, English, Psychology, Mathematics, foreign languages

and Science related media sources, including journals, newspapers, online news sites, podcasts,
and more.

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