Recalling SWSC

Saibe Pandey
SWSC Alumni
Well, I feel nostalgic….. It’s already been nine years of graduation from Southwestern….. Even
after all these years, the core values and memories of SWSC still walk along with me. The co-
operative and understanding environment of my college provided me a platform to groom
Since an early establishment of Southwestern, it has proven enough for its potential to enhance

students’ knowledge and power. SWSC is progressing more today and will progress much
tomorrow. The college and its overall circumstances are equipped with the features of modern
education system and friendly environment. And, within that environment, I had an opportunity
to have my beautiful two years of experience. I got to learn so many things, be it from books or
from other extra activities. I could not have been the “Now Me” without the help and guidance of
SWSC and its people. The two years in the college and the nine years thereafter are what made
me today. Coming this far, I think it has supremely contributed for my growth and motivated me
to work for my dreams. The continuous cycle of teaching and learning on time management,
setting goals, reviewing the failures made me come closer to my ambition. And, by no means, all
that effort of college was worthless. The teachings of teachers and progressive nature of mentors
actually made me understand the threshold of success.
With all that, what I believe now is, realizing the fact of who we are, and adding consistency to
the maximum degree is the primary level of success. I have so much of pride and gratitude to be
an alumni of SWSC.

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