Civic Education for Bachelor Level Students from Mr. Karna Shakya

Southwestern State College, organized a civic education class for Bachelor Level students. Around 400 students from BBS, BSW and BBA were actively participated the inspirational program conducted by Mr. Karna Shakya, a noted hotelier, entrepreneur, author  and an inspirational motivator and a man with a vison who can spot the extraordinary in the ordinary. The program was coordinated by Ms. Sarita Shakya-Pradhan, International Relations Coordinator of SWSC.

Mr. Karna Shakya, is an accomplished tourism entrepreneur of Nepal and an accomplished writer of three hugely successful books “Soch” , “Khoj” and ” Moj” to his credit and his another book titled “Ma sakchhu”.

During the session Mr Shakya expressed plenty of morals that can be the laid as the foundation of bright future and successful life for all humans. He has tried to explain the ultimate truth and vision of life with the help of his real life experiences.

“Saraswati ra pasina sittaima bechnu hundaina” (Knowledge and sweat should never be sold for free) and believes that there isn’t anything called free lunch. He adds, “Selfishness is not wrong, if it does not harm others”. Selfishness is a virtue until it hurts others. He believes self-interest makes people work towards helping others to earn profit in return.Self-interest is an inevitable aspect of entrepreneurship.

He stresses on that “Evaluate yourself. You need to be passionate to about your work, you must think about your venture 24 hours a day. A true entrepreneur needs to build his character and have the courage to be different and the enthusiasm to be consistent. A person needs to think, seek more knowledge and implement his ideas. A person must love his work to be successful. Entrepreneurship is similar to riding a bicycle or swimming. You won’t learn them by reading books about them. You need to experience them yourself, commit some mistakes and learn from these mistakes.

He has been offering specialized motivational programs on Positive Thinking and Entrepreneurship.

In the closing ceremony, Asst. Campus Chief, Hari Singh K.C emphasized the importance of these types of program in student life and also handed over  the token of love to the respected Mr. Karna Shakya.