Research and Development Center

Research, Teaching and Consultancy are nowadays regarded as three key components of Education Sector. Knowledge is not enough by and within itself; rather it should be acquired, stored, shared and distributed in larger scale. These constitute the whole gamut of Education or, in other words, major factors responsible for our over-all development.

With full realization of the above-mentioned facts, Research and Teaching are being carried out at one place in the developed countries since last several years, and recently in countries like ours. In such cases or instances, practice has brought out better overall results. The deep relationship between Teaching and Research has got prominence since the healthy interaction between the two has enriched both ways  or cross ways.

Hence, we are proud to announce that  Southwestern State College (SWSC), at the outset of its inception, started the practice of going both ways together but scientifically. It is in the sense that a separate Autonomous Body with the concept of Auto-Run has been formed which will be totally responsible for the research related aspects. It has been named ‘SWSC RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT CENTER ‘. The reason behind this separate entity is simply to let the Research Body work widely and openly- while providing the opportunity of grabbing and earning direct and indirect benefits of one another, like on this best essay website.

Let’s know about the key elements of the Center, in brief, going through the following:

1.    Composition
Dr. Jaya Hari Raj Pandey                                                        Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Abadesh Thakur                                                        Member
Dr. Krishna Bahadur Karki                                                      Member
Mr. Bijaya Shagar Pradhan                                                     Member Secretary
Er. Basu Dev Bista (Chairman of the college)                    Honorary Member
Dr. Rajendra K.C. (Principal of the College)                        Honorary Member


3.    Strategy: EARN, SAVE, AND INVEST

Strategy to Earn:

(a)    Start Fund-raising Campaign
(b)    Conduct Payable program and courses

Strategy to Save:

Through adoption of a mechanism to set aside certain high percentage of all incomes
as Saving

Strategy to Invest:

All such decisions to be intrinsically linked towards
(a)    Attracting cream staffs and students
(b)    Increasing research funding and significance (including regular newsletters)
(c)    Providing quality education.

4.    Future Wings:
1.    Training Wing : Already started functioning with Prof. Dr. Avdesh Thakur as the
Program Director
2.    Consultancy Wing: Our Specialization- ‘School, College and University’
3.    Resource Wing: