Career in Bachelor’s Program

Southwestern State College (SWSC) promoted by a team of Academicians, Researchers, Planners, and Professionals at national and international levels-aims to provide quality education in Science, Management, and Humanities at both undergraduate and graduate levels, equivalent to international standard.  SWSC is ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified College.

What is Different in Southwestern State College?

The difference of SWSC can be felt by the moment you put your steps in its premises and observe the College environment and Academic team. We interact with the students, parents along with different communities. Thereby, you should decide what you are looking for and what you need more. However, SWSC promises to indoor the following activities:

  • develop new skills and increase your self-confidence;
  • getting better jobs through professional proficiency;
  • impart the leadership skills:
  • conduct regular Classes, Researches, and Academic trainings to approach for better future;
  • Maximize the level of presentation skills erasing the sense of hesitation, passivity, and all the means of hindrances.

Class Time = 6:15 AM – 10:00 AM