TEWA Visit for BSW First Year Students

Southwestern State College, Basundhara organized a visit of “TEWA“, a well known and self reliant NGO for BSW 1st year students to enhance their know how regarding social work and its impact towards society and country. The visit was coordinated by Ms. Sarita Shakya-Pradhan, Co-ordinator International Relations and Mr. Nirmal Gautam, IT Officer of SWSC who has facilitated the students during their visit. The students were oriented and guided by Ms. Smita Dhungana Sharma, Programme Officer (Communication) and Nirajan Shakya of TEWA.
Ms. Dhungana Sharma explained about the operating activities of TEWA and presented a presentation about the establishment of TEWA and its covering sectors.
Tewa’s philosophy is to develop modern philanthropy, both in terms of minimizing social costs incurred in rapid transition, for self-reliant development that is not donor dependent, and for the empowerment of emerging groups of rural women in Nepal. With this philosophy in mind Tewa does local fund-raising, gives grants to women’s groups from all over Nepal, and strengthens the human resources of Nepal through various programmes.
The new student of BSW 1st year found the visit very useful and knowledgeable.