Motivation Class for Bachelor First Year

Southwestern State College managed a career counseling or motivational class from 8 to 10:30am for Bachelor Second Year students of BBS and BSW stream. The resource person was Jeetendra Kumar Jangra from Wonder Wisdom Pvt. Ltd., the organization working on brain and behavior of individuals. This organization is the partner of ‘Wisdom of Mind’, the organization situated in India.

The program was targeted to improve the concentration power and memorization ability of the human’s brain. The program was very beneficial for each and every student to activate their mind for optimal performance to secure good marks and good academic performance during their learning career.  The students were very much interested in the theme of the program. The program was also focused on the technical part of mind i.e. the scanning of mind and getting result from it. The mind scanning result will be supportive for the career of the students. The program was inaugurated by Ms. Sarita Shakya Pradhan, International Relations Coordinator and Mr. Ganesh Mahara, Program Director of Southwestern State College.