Hotel Visit to Pokhara for Grade XII

The students of grade 12 faculty of Hotel Management and Marketing went on Hotel visit to Pokhara with a team of teaching and non-teaching staff members on 31st August, 1st and 2nd Sept. Initially all the students visited Hotel Grand and then teachers formed two groups. One of them was taken to visit RARA Noodles Industry to perceive its marketing strategies. The students visited some tourist spots which made them stay more few days. At the same time the students roamed Bandipur as a tourist spot of Nepal where they observed a typical Neweri culture and natural scenario which have also attracted visitors to visit once more. The students got chances of collecting information about the tourist destination and its geographical importance. They made query with local people and teachers to gain information about the place. The excursion remained very much productive in terms of making the students study about Bandipur and its history.